How to Save Money for Your Next Bathroom Renovation?

Turning a worn-out bathroom into a functional and spa-like space is certainly an upgrade that every homeowner wants. However, when they plan to renovate their bathrooms, one of the things that may likely stop them from pursuing the renovation are the costs involved for the projects. Well, we can’t really blame them because bathrooms are known to be areas that require a lot of time and money to renovate.

At Launceston Bathroom Renovations, we understand that the functionality and appeal of bathrooms play a big role in the overall value of our customers’ living spaces. That is why we aim to help our customers achieve the results they require by providing innovative solutions that will not break the bank. So if you are scouring for ways on how to renovate your bathroom without the hefty price tag, you can check out the tips we will share with you. Here are some effective ways on how you can save money for your next bathroom renovation.

Always Have a Plan

One of the proven ways to save a few bucks on a bathroom renovation is to develop a well-thought plan and stick with it. Consider the amount you can invest in the project so you will know which aspects to prioritize. If you have a fixed budget for the renovation, go over the details and find ways to cut down costs. You can also work with a team of professionals to get helpful suggestions of the alternatives you can try. If you have a thorough plan for the renovation, you can lessen the risks of facing surprise costs and spending beyond your allotted budget.

Don’t Move the Plumbing

Although some large-scale bathroom renovations may require the relocation of a toilet or bathtub, if you don’t really need to, it might be best to stick with the original structure of your bathroom and leave your plumbing lines where they are. Moving plumbing lines and electrical wiring may require permits and special equipment, so if you want to save more, you can find alternative ways to update your bathroom. You will also need to hire a professional in the trade to avoid complications in your bathroom in the long run.

Only Update the Toilet Seat and Lid

If your toilet still works fine, but you want to upgrade its look to fit the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, you can update its seat and lid. Purchasing and installing an entirely new toilet will cost you more, so we recommend that you only update its cover seat and lid, especially if there are no extensive cracks or dents with your existing toilet. Although it is a simple upgrade, you can still find various designs and colours that will enhance the look of your bathroom.

Find Cheaper Alternatives

Although you want to attain a luxurious and spa-like appeal in your bathroom, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to indulge in costly materials. There are various substitutes and alternatives that can provide you with the functionality and look you require for a lower price. You just have to research and get the best deals for your preferred materials. However, if you wish to have a statement piece in your bathroom, you can pick one or two high-impact items that will elevate the appeal of your space. You can go all out with your vanity unit, use high-grade granite on your countertop or purchase an elegant clawfoot tub. Consult with your contractors so you can think of possible ways to maximize your budget.

Maximize the Use of Paint

You can do a lot more with the paint you have at home. A new coat of paint can instantly freshen up the ambience and appeal of your bathroom. Whether you want a minimalist and clean finish or prefer to add pops of colour to brighten your space, painting your bathroom walls and floors can make a lot of difference.


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